A Letter to the Jewish Pluralist

Letters to the Editor Israel’s Uncertain Future
Jacob Jorne
Rochester, New York
April 19, 2014

The future starts to take shape in my mind: there will be no two state solution, no involvement of the US and as the region becomes less important, the world will care less about this insane conflict. These events will lead to an apartheid state, which will become increasingly out of line with international norms. In this apartheid condition, Israel will become a religious state; cruel isolated and condemned.

It will be increasingly difficult for liberal and progressive people to live in Israel, and at the first major crisis people will “cash in on” their dual passports and leave. Israelis want dual passports with good reason, and it is not about economics. Young Palestinians do not want a state without opportunity; they want, instead, a bi-national state and they want equal rights, jobs, housing and education. Adding the unstable forces of fundamental Islam to these gloomy predictions creates an unimaginable future.

I would take no pleasure in being ‘right’ about what lies ahead for the State of Israel and for all who live there or would live there. I cling to an elusive hope that I am wrong.