DINAH daughter of Jacob and Leah—by Barbara D. Holender

daughter of Jacob and Leah
Barbara D. Holender

Why don’t you kill me and be done with it?
My big brothers, my protectors–
Where were you when Shechem took me?
I cried out for you.

My father has four wives;
not one of them warned me of such things.
I have twelve brothers;
not one watched over me.
I have no sister
so I went to see the daughters of the land,
and Shechem found me. And forced me.

Where were you all those days
he kept me in his house?
I told him you would kill him,
but when you did not come, and he grew kind
we fell in love, and then I said
I hoped you would be friends.

Still  you did not come,
and Shechem’s father went to Papa Jacob
with a marriage contract.

But when my love and all his men
took your covenant of circumcision
for my sake, to be one with you,

then  you saved my honor
and slaughtered them
and spoiled their women

and brought me home
where no man will have me

and now you guard my tent.