Heaven on Earth– by Molly McDonald

letter to the editor
letter to the editor

In your article, Keeping the Marriage and Splitting the Vote, you could not have hit it more on the head, if your pen so to speak, was a hammer!

Is there a biological imperative that demands this sort of power play we see between men and women, where men have to be in control? Yet, I do know personally a few, who call themselves feminists; I know them, and not all of them are gay. They see a natural equality and seem to be not at all interested in power and control but are interested in understanding and making the world a better place. Maybe they had better relationships with their mothers I don’t know.

I think women in marriages with men who are so threatened by a woman in the White House, are at a turning point… other first world countries have had women leaders including Israel, (now that is an interesting political phenomenon, how did Golda Meir in her time defy gender norms?) So here we are with all these husbands fearful of a woman president and it took 50 years after black men got the vote for women to get it.

It seems hard to comprehend that a majority of white middle age middle class men, or what’s left of the middle class, are afraid of a female president. It’s in our face now, thank heavens; some marriages might not survive but the ones that do will say so much about authentic relationships, based on equality, understanding and respect for being human, not gender, or color, or religious persuasion, or sexual orientation. Sounds like heaven on earth to me.