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Dhaka Bangladesh: On Low-Income Women, Confinement and Postpartum Depression—by Anaise Williams

Dhaka Bangladesh : On Low-Income Women, Confinement and Postpartum Depression
Anaise Williams
U.S. Fulbright Project

20140306_111533Nothing has changed since before the birth, I just have to take more care and feed another person, she says simply while passing me a cup of cha with ginger. Shopna had her first baby 6 months ago in her family’s Bangladeshi village in Borishal, assisted by her mother and aunt, and returned to Dhaka 3 months after the birth to be with her husband, a furniture maker in the slum. Today I, unintentionally of course, woke her up at 11am while knocking on the locked door to her single room to do a follow-up interview for my project on postpartum depression. read more