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A Republican Nightmare: A Bush Legacy and Trump is the Heir–by Ayala Emmett

Bush's Heir
Bush’s Heir

In the days when George W Bush was president, Republicans were embarrassed by his poor use of language. The president often spoke as though English was a foreign language. Critics used to say that President Bush could hardly connect sentences. We all know, however, that he went to the best schools that money and family connections could buy.  Yet, he uttered each sentence with great confidence as we watched it take off, a word-balloon floating into thin air refusing to be part of a coherent paragraph. read more

More Thoughts about Trump—by Peter Eisenstadt


You know that bourne, the undiscovered country from which no traveler returns, that Hamlet spoke about? Well, Hamlet was wrong. Someone just came back. I spoke to him yesterday. We hadn’t chatted since late 2007. He’s a New Yorker, so of course his first questions were about politics.

¬–Who’s mayor of New York City?

—Bill DeBlasio.


—Bill DeBlasio.

—Okay, never-mind. Who’s president of the United States?

—Barack Obama

—Heard of him. I guess he defeated Hillary and was re-elected in 2012? read more

The Statue of Liberty is Going to Canada—by Ayala Emmett

Statue of Liberty Relocating to Canada
Statue of Liberty
to Canada

Supernatural stories and diplomatic missives have recently surrounded the Statue of Liberty. First, a man claimed to have captured three UFOs in a photo of the Statue of Liberty. Then, according to the Washington Post the statue gave Senator Cruz the middle finger after he made disparaging remarks about New York values. On the campaign trail, Donald Trump who resented the attention on his rival told the Statue of Liberty to reject all Muslims.

Lately, the buzz has been that the French are insisting on taking back their 1886 historic gift to America and to relocate the Statue of Liberty to Canada. It turns out that the spirit of the sculptor Auguste Bartholdi is demanding it. Why would Bartholdi treat us like modern Hamlets? What have we done that he would appear as a Parisian apparition demanding a Hamlet-like action? read more