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Response to The Current Crisis and the Electoral College by Joe Aronson

An Open Letter
An Open Letter

In The Current Crisis and the Electoral College, Jewish Pluralist, December 16, 2016, the author, Peter Eisenstadt asks: “What would be worse? Allowing Trump to become president, and then watching him violate the rules, principles, and foundations of America’s democracy, or trying, democratically if possible, but extra-democratically [italics mine] if necessary, to prevent him from becoming president?”

His answer, yes: “But in the end, if you ask me, am I willing to do anything, including putting American democracy in peril now [my bold], to prevent a potentially greater peril to American democracy later, I reluctantly must conclude, yes.” read more

Heaven on Earth– by Molly McDonald

letter to the editor
letter to the editor

In your article, Keeping the Marriage and Splitting the Vote, you could not have hit it more on the head, if your pen so to speak, was a hammer!

Is there a biological imperative that demands this sort of power play we see between men and women, where men have to be in control? Yet, I do know personally a few, who call themselves feminists; I know them, and not all of them are gay. They see a natural equality and seem to be not at all interested in power and control but are interested in understanding and making the world a better place. Maybe they had better relationships with their mothers I don’t know. read more

Letter to the Editor: White Privilege, Women Rabbis and Larger Issues of Equality—by Cathy Harris

th-1The recent Forward article, “Disturbing Sexist Trend in Interfaith Work” is not surprising, just disappointing. Our progressive congregations continue to push equality and respect across genders and racial and ethnic boundaries, but the many invisible privileges of white men can be an elusive target, so deeply woven as they are into our culture.

For a more concrete grasp of what this means, check out the full text of the classic essay “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” by Peggy McIntosh below. It’s a tough challenge. read more

On “A Jewish position on Trump’s Indecent Immigration Plans”–A Letter to the Editor by Deborah Kornfeld

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank you for publishing the article entitled “A Jewish position on Trump’s Indecent Immigration Plans.”

How quickly we forget. How many lives would have been saved if the United States had had a more flexible and moral immigration policy in 1938? How different Jewish History would be if we hadn’t needed to frequently pack up our bags and leave one nation or another. Not only as Jews, but as Americans we shouldn’t turn our backs on one of our nation’s basic tenets. read more

Response to Pastor Ludwig—by Richard Rosen

Response to Pastor Ludwig
Richard Rosen

I found the Presbyterian statement and the letter from Drew Ludwig appropriate and I am glad they took this step. Rabbi Jacobs really was responding to other Presbyterians: the unfair label of apartheid and underlying antisemitism. While I deplore accusations that are not well founded and do indeed suggest an anti-Semitic agenda, I support their actual action: divestment of stock in the US corporations that trade with Israel

for the specific purposes of using their products in the execution of West Bank actions against Palestinians, which I believe to be impediments to progress toward a negotiated two-state solution. Although the label of apartheid is unfair, (if we accept South African apartheid as the definition of that word), it cannot be denied that tools such as divestment and boycott were effective in persuading the South African government to peaceably work toward a democratic pluralistic state, however flawed the end product may be. read more

A Letter to the Jewish Pluralist

Letters to the Editor Israel’s Uncertain Future
Jacob Jorne
Rochester, New York
April 19, 2014

The future starts to take shape in my mind: there will be no two state solution, no involvement of the US and as the region becomes less important, the world will care less about this insane conflict. These events will lead to an apartheid state, which will become increasingly out of line with international norms. In this apartheid condition, Israel will become a religious state; cruel isolated and condemned.

It will be increasingly difficult for liberal and progressive people to live in Israel, and at the first major crisis people will “cash in on” their dual passports and leave. Israelis want dual passports with good reason, and it is not about economics. Young Palestinians do not want a state without opportunity; they want, instead, a bi-national state and they want equal rights, jobs, housing and education. Adding the unstable forces of fundamental Islam to these gloomy predictions creates an unimaginable future. read more