Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Pulse of America—by Ayala Emmett

images-102Joy turned into mourning
A celebration became a funeral procession.
Gone are you beautiful people
Life interrupted in the spring of your time.

The Pulse was a place for America-
All are created equal with unalienable rights
To life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness:
To hold hands in broad daylight,
To love and to cherish at weddings.

In the Pulse last week
A murderer was among you
And you didn’t know.

Life-Shattering Shots
And the breath of life left forty-nine
People created in the Image of God. read more

What Is the Paris Middle East Conference All About?—By Yonathan Shapir

Ayrault and KerryMany politically minded people are asking, “what is the upcoming Friday Paris Conference good for?” In the face of Israel’s total rejection, tepid US participation, and an anticipated plain declaration many wonder why go through all the trouble of having a conference.

The French initiative is essentially about delivering a very simple message: the West Bank future is not an internal Israeli matter; rather it is of great concern to the International Community. Thus, it is prepared to intervene, actively if necessary. No wonder that PM Netanyahu is so forcefully opposed to this initiative. He clearly understands that this is the beginning of a process over which, ultimately, he might have no control. read more