The Jewish Pluralist is a website that gives space to a wide and diverse variety of  voices, American and Israeli, committed to Jewish values and ethics.

It is concerned with living traditions of Judaism, and the contemporary problems of Jewish and non-Jewish life in America and Israel, locating itself within the long history of Jewish concern with justice, peace, and human dignity.

This website is an invitation to question conventional divisions between secular and Jewish ethics of justice, to highlight the connection between being devout Jews and being committed to an inclusive/universal ethic of justice anchored in Jewish tradition, and to offer a space that recognizes both a shared historic heritage and the different life experiences of Israelis and Americans that shape their respective concerns with ethics and social commitment.

The material published in this site will be shaped by the idea of human dignity – בצלם אלוהים, in God’s image – and קדושת החיים, the sanctity of life.”

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